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The Ettison Group concept was founded by Chef Gene Ettison who is a rising Chef and Garagistes from the craft-beer capital of the world, Asheville, North Carolina. Chef Ettison is an Alumni of Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College’s Culinary Program. Chef Ettison’s goal is to expand the palate of all people, both young and old. His concentration for his brand is to provide a five-star dining experience to an audience that may be unable to afford an expensive bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a perfectly aged filet.

A firm believer in farm to table, nose to tail cooking, Chef Ettison uses the freshest produce and does everything that he can to support local growers and farmers. “My main reason for creating The Ettison Group, on the food side was so people that are from humble

beginnings could experience high quality food experiences. I planned to do this by using foods cooked with the highly skilled culinary techniques, preparing traditional foods using healthier cooking methods, and at more affordable prices.” “But on the enterprise side, my focus was to kick in the doors of industries that traditionally haven’t been very diverse. I plan on showing these industries that there’s an entire community of people that have been forgotten. Food systems and industries across this country, especially locally seem to have overlooked the fact that there is still a group of people that live on a budget or that there are those that rely on governmental assistance programs to help in feeding their families and that $4.00 per lb. for organic this or fresh that isn’t a reality!

So it was out of that mind frame and being born of humble beginnings himself, that Chef Ettison made it his goal to make fine dining and the experience of an amazing meal and its technical process accessible to ALL.

“Life is short. Get your friends, a huge plate of food, a “FEW” bottles of Concrete Rose beer, and laugh!”

Meet The Ettison Group

The Ettison Group (TEG) is a privately-owned company, dedicated to creating amazing food and beverage experiences. These experiences are created through traditional, yet cutting edge means. The Ettison Group, is a company that ignites the spirit of discovery and adventure for all, with a special focus on providing servicing for those with limited economical means. The vision for The Ettison Group was born in 2016, with a mission to educate and employ people from underserved areas with the skills and wages to defy statistics. The Ettison Group has built its brand on excellence, philanthropy and hard work! Although we work hard, and at a fast pace, we take pride in maintaining the quality and accuracy that our brand is known for. The Ettison Group brings out the best in one another as a company, a city, and as a community, always inventing and reinventing our brand. Here at The Ettison Group, our career development opportunities will give you every resource you need to reach your full potential. However it’s up to you to work hard, set goals, and make your goals become your reality. From the growing food truck industry, to the huge craft beer boom here in Beer city, U.S.A., The Ettison Group is here to diversify the hospitality industry. We plan to do this by providing food that feeds the body, nourishes the soul, and delights the senses. That’s the spirit of The Ettison Group. Come and join us, as we defy tradition and build a culture that we like to refer to as “Ettison hospitality”.

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