The Future is Now

We believe the B.A.B.S Salad Truck approach is the future of fast food. Every day we are driven by the same goal from which B.A.B.S was first founded: to build a force of good and undo what fast food and financially hungry bureaucrats have broken.

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Our Love for Healthy Living and Vibrant Community

We’re building a world where the fastest, most convenient, most accessible, most affordable food that is healthier, flavorful, of fine dining quality, as well as creative food and that supports our local communities, farmers and food systems. The local workers are also a part of our team, with a laser focus on community gardens in underserved communities. Make no mistake this is an advocacy stance to the powers that be! This food truck is the advocate for food desserts and poverty stricken communities saying, “we deserve fresh affordable food also!

Supporting community through healthy living.

Just think about where else we can put our energies when that future is a reality? So it’s important for us to think of ourselves as “fast food”. Fast food messed up. WE HAVE TO FIX IT… WE ARE BUILD A BETTER SALAD! No counting calories or fad diets or thinking about what goes into your mouth except what you’re craving. No thinking about your food, just simply enjoying it! The way that it should be.

Asheville, NC 28802


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