Here at J.Lee’s Chicken, we pride ourselves on being the best soul food in the Asheville, N.C. area, and we’re on the move to a neighborhood near you. Offering up some of the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted, with a side dish of down home hospitality. J. Lee’s Chicken Shack is the mobile soul food extravaganza you just can’t miss. Are you looking for a convenient place to grab some comfort food in Asheville or the Hendersonville, N.C. area? Don’t look any further! Our mobile culinary haven is always nearby when you crave some eats that you simply just can’t get anywhere else.

J Lee's Chicken Shack

Let’s talk about good food for a second. We have a combined total of 10 years of experience in the culinary field. We know what it takes to deliver great food and when we discovered that we could take this passion on the road, we jumped at the chance. We offer up anything from beef dishes, to hearty chicken meals that leave you satisfied for a long, time. Don’t worry, we dish up a good share of veggies, soups and light dishes as well, so if you’re in the mood for something small to munch on during your busy work day, this food truck in Asheville N.C. is for you. What we really specialize in, however, is satisfying the biggest appetites, for the least amount of money you can spend. Appropriately called “J. Lee’s”, we aim to stuff your stomach while keeping it light on the spending. Show us where it says you need to spend a ton of cash, to get a ton of food – that’s right, nowhere!! We serve up great food on the best food truck in town, so whether you’re on the move, on a break from work, or just on a mission to fill your belly and have some fun, The Shack has got you covered!


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