The Ettison Group
(TEG) is a privately-owned company, dedicated to creating amazing food and beverage experiences. These experiences are created through traditional, yet cutting edge means. The Ettison Group, is a company that ignites the spirit of discovery and adventure for all, with a special focus on providing servicing for those with limited economical means. 

Our Companies

J Lees Chicken Shack

J. Lee’s Chicken Shack is the mobile soul food extravaganza you just can’t miss. Are you looking for a convenient place to grab some comfort food in Asheville or the Hendersonville, N.C. area? Don’t look any further! Our mobile culinary haven is always nearby when you crave some eats that you simply just can’t get anywhere else.

Next Level Flooring Solutions

Specializing in

Stripping • Waxing • Buffing • Carpet Cleaning • Hardwood Floors

Post Construction Clean Up • Commercial Cleaning and More


We believe the B.A.B.S Salad Truck approach is the future of fast food.  No counting calories or fad diets or thinking about what goes into your mouth except what you’re craving. No thinking about your food, just simply enjoying it! The way that it should be. Just think about where else we can put our energies when that future is a reality? So it’s important for us to think of ourselves as “fast food”. Fast food messed up. WE HAVE TO FIX IT… WE ARE BUILD A BETTER SALAD!

Our Vision

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 To educate and employ people from underserved areas with the skills and wages to defy statistics. The Ettison Group has built its brand on excellence, philanthropy and hard work!  Although we work hard, and at a fast pace, we take pride in maintaining the quality and accuracy that our brand is known for.
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What We Do

Always inventing and reinventing our brand, The Ettison Group brings out the best in one another as a company,  a city, and as a community.
At The Ettison Group,  our opportunities in career development will give you every resource you need to reach your full potential. However, it is up to you to work hard, set goals, and make your goals become your reality.
From the growing food truck industry, to the huge craft beer boom here in Beer city, U.S.A., The Ettison Group is here to diversify the hospitality industry. We plan to do this by providing food that feeds the body, nourishes the soul, and delights the senses. That’s the spirit of The Ettison Group.

Come and join us

Come and join us, as we defy tradition and build a culture that we like to refer to as “Ettison hospitality”.